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About the Artist

Ahchipaptunhe, a luminary born of European and Lenape indigenous heritage, navigates the complex tapestry of identity, authenticity, individuality, and self-acceptance through his art. Rooted in the ethos of Native Suprematism and Native Modern, his work transcends conventional boundaries, offering a nuanced exploration of cultural fusion and personal evolution.​

Confronting the dichotomies of tradition and innovation, Ahchipaptunhe finds solace and renewal in the boundless realms of creativity. His art becomes a vessel for honoring the intricate journey of life, where the weight of ancestral legacies intersects with the fluidity of contemporary existence. Each stroke of his brush or sculptural form is a testament to the symbiotic relationship between past and present, offering a profound reflection on the interplay of memory and the unfolding narrative of selfhood.​


Ahchipaptunhe's oeuvre serves as a bridge between worlds, inviting viewers to contemplate the interconnectedness of all things. Through his work, he advocates for a deeper understanding of cultural heritage, advocating for a reclamation of indigenous narratives within the broader discourse of modernity. In embracing the principles of Native Suprematism and Native Modern, Ahchipaptunhe not only asserts the vitality of indigenous expression but also redefines the parameters of artistic discourse in the 21st century.


 In a world marked by constant flux, Ahchipaptunhe's art stands as a testament to the enduring power of creativity to transcend boundaries and forge new paths of understanding. It is a celebration of resilience, a testament to the transformative potential of embracing one's heritage while embracing the infinite possibilities of the present moment. Through his work. Ahchipaptunhe invites us to embark on a journey of self-discovery, where the echoes of the past resonate with the promise of a more inclusive and harmonious future.

Drawing from my indigenous heritage as a member of the Tribe of Delaware Indians and Cherokee, my artistic journey is a fusion of cultural reverence and personal narrative. Inspired by the rich tradition of storytelling, I endeavor to weave together historical knowledge, lived experiences, and abstraction to breathe life into tales through art.​


Rooted in the oral traditions of my ancestors, I find strength in the power of storytelling as a means of connection and empowerment. In my artistic practice, I view form, interaction, and color not merely as aesthetic elements but as vital components of a larger conversation. Design theory guides my approach, shaping not only the visual aspects of my work but also the ways in which it engages with its audience.


​I believe that true artistry lies in the ability to create meaningful experiences that invite participation and dialogue. Through deliberate design choices, I seek to foster interaction and engagement, inviting viewers to become active participants in the narrative unfolding before them. It is in this exchange between artist, artwork, and audience that the true magic of art comes to life.


Yet, I recognize that without context, art risks losing its potency. In my pursuit of what I term as Native Modern art, I strive to bridge the gap between tradition and contemporary expression. By blending oral traditions with abstraction, I create a space where stories can be told without boundaries, where the past and present converge in a vibrant tapestry of expression. This approach is influenced by the principles of Native Suprematism, wherein the essence of indigenous identity is celebrated and elevated through artistic innovation.​


In essence, my art is a testament to the enduring legacy of indigenous culture, a homage to the wisdom of oral tradition, and a celebration of the infinite possibilities inherent in Native Modern expression.

Education & Exhibitions

Native Modern

Artist Bio

Education & Exhibitions (2021 - Current)

BID Pratt Institute 2019

Minor History of Art and Design

AAS Johnson College 2012

Scottsdale Public Library: COLORLOVE | 2024

ASU ArtSpace West: Native Veterans Print Maker Exhibition| 2023

Michner Museum: Never Broken Visualizing Lenape Histories | 2023

TOTAS Cherokee Nation | 2023

Montclair Art Museum: Art Uncorked | 2022

FOUND:RE 22nd Annual Juried Exhibition | 2022

ASU: Community Art Program | 2022

Greater Phoenix Economic Council | 2022

Brooklyn Public Library Exhibition: Lenapehoking Anthology | 2022

Portland on the Park Cycle 10 | 2022

Scottsdale Public Library: FIRST: Native American Artists | 2022

Tempe INFLUX | 2022

City Island NYC: Storytelling Festival | 2021

Foundre: Focal Points Minimal vs Maximo | 2021

Mood Room: Salon 48 | 2021

Montclair Art Museum: Native Artists, Northeast Futures | 2021

Mayo Clinic: Solo Exhibition | 2021

Portland on the Park Cycle 8 | 2021

Greater Phoenix Economic Council | 2021 & 2022

Mayo Clinic: Group Show | 2020

Pratt: Archipelagas of the creative Mine | 2020

180 Franklin Brooklyn: Solo show | 2019


"Creating abstract art is to risk it all. To buy abstract art is to acknowledge the risk."


Nulelìntàm èli paàn.

(I am glad because you came.)





Phoenix, AZ


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